Fun facts about steller sea lions. The males can be as long as 11 feet and weigh 2, pounds. The females are much smaller with a length close to feet and they don't weigh more than pounds. They also have a lighter color to them than the other species. Steller Sea Lions can be reddish brown or even a light tan color. You will also nice that they.

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Fun facts about steller sea lions

Even though these Sea Lions are protected, many fishermen still hunt them. These researchers have undertaken a combination of field, captive and lab studies for research. One of the greatest threats to the Steller sea lion population is human activity, including oil spills and increased competition with the commercial fishing industry. Size These animals are social and also gather at various times throughout the year when mating and breeding are not taking place. They also eat octopus and some squids. These giant pinnipeds hunt fish, squid, octopus and, rarely, smaller seals. In it was recognized that a Western and Eastern populations of sea lions existed.

Fun facts about steller sea lions

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