Funny army inventions. Russian military inventions tend toward the brutally practical: tanks, planes, and guns that are cheap, and easy to produce. Indeed, in the Second World War, the Soviet Union simply overwhelmed Germany with endless waves of T tanks, fighter planes, and infantry armed with cheap sub-machine guns. When it comes to.

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Funny army inventions

It was first made in and weighed about 40, tons. Again, the old development to overcome the obstacles aqua Battle catamaran Martial water skiing The French came a brilliant idea — use to overcome the enemy's wire entanglements small-caliber gun, shooting grappling hooks. Army's modern prototype robot-mule, currently being tested in Afghanistan. The vehicle was able to maneuver across terrain such as snow and ice, which is common in Russia and proved to be somewhat profitable. Even going back to the late s, Mongolian chieftains used flaming camels to disperse their enemies. While the whole blimp craze didn't really catch on for some reason The only member of the crew passing plays the role of the motor.

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Cool new army tire technology

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Funny army inventions

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