Funny games biz zombie. Your task is to fight off and survive hordes of zombies in this arcade-action game. In the year , the world has gone to chaos and undead roam the streets hungry for blood. Cut them, shoot them, slay them all as you gain xp and unlock new weapons and achievements. Call in support when things get really bad!

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Funny games biz zombie

We had the opportunity to check out more of the multiplayer component of the futuristic first-person shooter Section 8 during a brief hands-on session at E3. I get what I put into it. As it stands, the game has already attracted well over 2 million users to the service and is on track to break through the 3 million user mark in the next few weeks. You can never truly master either. We've only had the opportunity to scratch the surface of this intriguing RPG at E3, but from what we've seen, it looks like it could easily suck up a huge amount of time. That first word must be written. With E3 tapering off on its final day, we managed a sneak attack on the Sony Europe lounge, where we got our dirty little hands on God of War III and experienced the combat prowess of what could possibly be the angriest man in games.

Funny games biz zombie

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Japanese zombie game! (Funny)

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