Funny stoned moments. Jan 31, - I'm sure I've had plenty of funny moments while high. But I remember 1 two days ago. Me and my friends were at the mall and I kept sniffing my hoodie for some reason and said "This weed smells like hoodie." They all just stared at me and I said "What?" and then they all started laughing. It took like an hour  Funny Stories while stoned!!

By on 10.11.2016

Funny stoned moments

We then went back upstairs and as soon as we started going up the stairs we could smell the undeniable scent of the pack. As she got up, her head felt woozy, and suddenly everything went white. In embarrassment we went back to the gas station and had to end up having diner at the gas station on the classic snacks. We asked him for some weed and he laughed asking how much and we said we dont know we just want to get high, he gave us to what looked like nothing. We both could only take about hits without convincing ourselves we were done because each of us were coughing continuously. So a bunch of her friends light up a joint and start passing it around the fire one afternoon.

Funny stoned moments

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