Stfu funny meaning. This frequently updated chat guide lists 1,+ text message and online chat abbreviations and acronyms to help you translate today's texting lingo.

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Stfu funny meaning

An acronym for a Japanese phrase that translates as 'no climax, no resolution', and used as equivalent to 'slash'. WANK - from a slang term meaning 'to masturbate'. These are usually available within hours of the episodes actually airing. As far as anyone has ever determined, the term arose because sporks are exactly the right shape and size for the job, though it's unlikely anybody has ever really tried to use them that way. The tattoo is a celebration of her appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. Leetspeak was invented as a way of keeping anyone from casually looking over a hacker's shoulder and reading what they were typing, and then popularized by the webcomic Megatokyo. To 'troll' is to post purposefully inflammatory material in the attempt to provoke people.

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stfu noob meaning and pronunciation

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Stfu funny meaning

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